Dance Figures

Note this is completely different from the figure with the same name in English dancing, where it means a single-handed turn of two couples. The Scottish allemande is performed by two or three couples in a line at once, reversing the order of the couples.

Start Face the person opposite (usually your partner).
1 Couples advance into allemande hold: man on the left, left hand in left across the front of the mans body, right hand in right held behind the lady's head. It's normal to do this by starting in promenade hold and raising right hands behind the lady's head. Simultaneously, advance slightly up the set.
2-4 Second couple following first, promenade to the top of the set, turn left as a couple and promenade down the men's side. At the end of the fourth bar the couples should still be facing down the set, in allemande hold.
5 Turn left as a couple and advance slightly to near the center of the dance.
6 Keeping left hand in left, right in right, the lady should turn to face the man, pulling her left shoulder back, and moving the right hand in front of her into cross-hand hold. The couples should remain close at this stage.
7-8 Retreat to own sides.