Dance Figures
Pass and Turn

This is performed on a diagonal, with a dancing couple (in the diagram below, this is the first couple) and one set of corners, as an alternative to a half diagonal reel. It ends with the corners back in place. Note that in the description below, the bar timings are not exact. At the end of bar 2, all dancers should be halfway through the figure.

Start Dancing couple face corners, as for a half diagonal reel.
1 Pass corners right shoulder, so that the corners are now dancing towards each other in the center, and the dancing couple are dancing out towards the corner positions.
2-3 Corners give right hand in the middle and turn halfway to face the corner where they just came from while the dancing couple loop around at the corner positions.
4 Corners pass a member of the dancing couple right shoulder to return to place.

N.B. the exact finishing position for the dancing couple depends on what figure comes next.