Dance Figures
Pousette (Reel Time)

This is another complicated way for two couples to change position. Everything is done to a setting step anticlockwise around a square on the floor. The man should start on the opposite foot to usual.

Start Hold both hands with your partner, as if about to turn around. A firm grip and a bit of weight are recommended, to give your partner some confidence they aren't about to fall over. Keep the same hold until the last two bars.
1 Without turning, advance around the square - the first man and second lady are going backwards. (the first three non-turning movements are made like this).
2 Make a quarter turn, first man and second lady pulling backwards on the right. (all turns are made in this direction).
3 Advance around the square, second couple moving up, first couple down in this case.
4 Make another quarter turn, this time first lady and second man pulling backwards on the right.
5 Advance again, leaving both couples in the middle parallel to one another.
6 Make a half turn in the usual direction, leaving you on your side (but still in the middle of the set).
7-8 Release your partner and retreat to your own side, still setting.