Dance Figures
Rights and Lefts

This is usually performed with two couples next to one another, as in a longwise set, although it may be done with any four people in a square.

Start Face across; usually this will be to your partner
1-2 Pass that person giving right hand;
turn inwards towards the other side of the square
3-4 Give left hand to the person approaching you;
turn in the same direction to face across the set (you should now be facing the same person as at the start)
5-6 Give right hand to that person;
turn inwards to the other side of the square
7-8 Give left hand to that person;
turn to face the original person opposite you at the start

This figure should bring everyone back to their original place. If you are in the first man's or second lady's position, it is considered polite to turn the long way round back to your place in order not to turn your back on the person you just passed (imagine retaining the final left hand or actually do so). This means turning to the left instead of the right at the end.

This figure can be danced half way through (known as "half rights and lefts"), in which case stop dancing at the end of bar 4, performing the polite turn to end the figure.