Unless otherwise noted all dances are called, you do not need to bring a partner or have any prior experience

27thNovember 2017

St Andrew's Dance

8pm, Stoneyard Centre, 41B St Andrews Street


Shiftin' Bobbins 8 x 32 R

It's Nae Bother 8 x 32 J

Seann Truibhas Willichan 8 x 32 S

The Piper and the Penguin 88 R (Sq)

Sugar Candie 8 x 32 S

Pelorus Jack 8 x 32 J

Maxwell's Rant 8 x 32 R

Hooper's Jig 8 x 32 J

Up in the AIr 8 x 32 S

The Kangaroo Paw 8 x 32 R

Muirland Willie 8 x 32 J

Lady Lucy Ramsay 8 x 32 S

The Bees of Maggieknockater 4 x 32 J (4C)

The Montgomeries' Rant 5 x 32 R

3rdMarch 2018

Oxford and Cambridge Highland Ball


Emmanuel United Reformed Church, Trumpington Street, Cambridge

Music from Keith Smith and Muriel Johnstone

Tickets: £15 (students)/£20 (non-students), including food

Bookings are now open, please email naath.sedai@gmail.com for details

Program and cribs available here

Dances will be recapped and called if necessary