Frequently Asked Questions
What should I wear on my feet?

Trainers are fine when you start out, but soft soled shoes are easier to dance in.

Where do I buy appropriate shoes?

If you want to buy them in person, you can go to Attitude! Dancewear and Costumer Suppliers in Cambridge, or alternatively you can contact James Senior, who specialise in shoes for Scottish Dancing of all kinds, and order a pair through them. They are very friendly and know everything there is to know about dance shoes!

What if I'm not sure I want to buy?

On Mondays we generally have a big of dancing shoes, you can borrow a pair for the evening to try them out or buy them for 6 a pair (much cheaper than in shops!)

Do I need to join at the beginning of Michaelmas term and/or do I need to attend regularly?

No, come whenever you like. If you're new to Scottish dancing it helps if you can come frequently in Michaelmas term, when each Monday evening is themed around a different figure, to help beginners find their way around, but if you can only make it occasionally, or start later in the year, that's fine as well.

Does it matter if I make mistakes?

No, definitely not. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and if you're new to Scottish dancing it's only to be expected that you'll end up in unexpected places on occasion! The experienced dancers won't be annoyed - meeting new 'variations' presents an interesting challenge.

How are the dances chosen on Monday evenings?

In Michaelmas term, evenings are themed around a figure, and each term, we practise the dances scheduled for forthcoming special events, mixed with others for variety. If you'd like to make suggestions for the programmes, or even better, help with writing the programme, please get in touch with a member of the committee.