Monday Programme
Lent Term 2015

Cribs can be found at: Leeds Branch database, Strathspey Server, or they will be mailed to you if you join our mailing list.

Next class: Monday 18th of January 8-10pm at Wesley as last term.
This term we will be working on dances that will appear of the Highland Ball programme (among others) and continuing with teaching, as last term. New dancers are very welcome and teaching and instruction will be aimed to be inclusive of everyone present.

Classes will begin with a half hour of ceilidh dancing to warm up, followed by half an hour of teaching of steps and figures and then one hour of social dancing using the things we have learned.

Beginners are always welcome and there is no need to bring a partner or to have special shoes, wear something you are comfortable moving about in. All dances will be fully walked and called and anything that anyone indicates they don't understand will be further explained and/or demonstrated as required.
Wednesday Programme

Wednesday Class is 8pm-10pm
Wednesday Class begins on the 13th January and continues until the 2nd March. Kate Gentles will be teaching this class which is more oriented towards learning formal technique than Monday night classes. All are welcome to attend if they wish to learn more about this aspect of Scottish dance, Kate will be teaching some of the Monday night classes if you wish to discuss the level of this class with her. These classes are in the same location as Monday night classes

Ladies' Step
Kate Gentles will be teaching Ladies' Step dancing on 7th February, 21st February, and 13th March at a new (as yet unconfirmed) venue 14:30 to 17:00 (these are Sunday afternoons). Ladies' step is mostly solo dancing, no partners needed, and is not exclusively for ladies (people of all genders welcome). Classes are 3 pounds if you are a student, 5 pounds otherwise. Details of which dances will be taught are likely to be available nearer the time. more details at the rscds page

Last year there was insufficient interest in Highland class to justify the expense of booking a room and teacher, if more interest is expressed classes may be arranged again.