23rd April 2015

Spring Fling - The winning dance of the 2015 Spring Fling competition; some of our members are seen dancing is this video.

28th February 2015

Demonstration Dance - IVFDF Demonstration dance, this dance was also performed for the 2015 Fresher's Ceilidh

13th October 2014

Demonstration Dance - Demonstration Dance an the 2014 Fresher's Ceilidh

22nd Feburary 2014

Ladies Step Demonstration, Highland Ball 2014

22nd Feburary 2014

Country Demonstration, Highland Ball 2014

20th May 2013

Gang the Same Gate danced to the singing of club members

25th February 2012

Some interval videos taken from the Oxford and Cambridge Highland Ball

Oxford Cambridge Highland Ball 2012 - Scottish Country Dem Set

Oxford Cambridge Highland Ball 2012 - Ladies Step Dem Set

15th March 2009

On the 15th March 2009, Mary Ross organised some dancing of a novel sort, involving paint, old socks, and some large sheets. Watch the results below:

Schiehallion 1 - Scottish Country Dance Figure Schiehallion Reel

Schiehallion 2 - Adding more colors to the Schiehallion Reel

Alex Doig's Jig's Reels - Interlocking Reels from Alex Doig's Jig